CBD Oil Removed

CBD Oil Removed from Doping Agency’s Prohibited List

The Doping Agency is responsible for ultimately determining which drugs and substances can get a player banned from participating in sports or other activities. Even high schools utilize the Doping Agency’s prohibited list when it comes to screening their players. Though CBD oil was on this list for many years, it was removed from the 2018 prohibited list in early December 2017.

The World Anti-Doping Agency and the Prohibited List

Each and every year, the WADA, or World Anti-Doping Agency, produces a list of substances that competitive athletes cannot use if they want to participate in their events of choice. Often, this list changes very little from year to year, if at all, but the 2018 Prohibited List contained one major change – it no longer bans CBD oil, meaning competitive athletes are free to use it to treat their anxiety, depression, pain, and other conditions. Alongside CBD oil, WADA also removed glycerol oil from the list.

How WADA Determines Which Substances to Ban

Though many substances that take up permanent residency on the WADA ban list are there for obvious reasons – including things like illicit addictive drugs and anabolic steroids, others may seem a little odd to those who are unfamiliar with the Doping Agency works. This group not only bans addictive and often illegal substances found on the FDA’s controlled substances list, but it also bans certain things that may give one athlete an unfair advantage over another. This means substances that significantly reduce pain or alter an athlete’s ability in some way are typically not allowed.

Glycerol Oil’s Benefits to Athletes

The WADA banned glycerol oil and added it to the Prohibited List for a few unique reasons. For example, athletes who use it have been found to be more hydrated than those who do not, and this leads to a boost in endurance and performance. For many years, it was believed that glycerol oil gave athletes an unfair advantage, but because it is a natural product, this is simply not the case. Glycerol oil was removed from the Prohibited List for 2018 for this very reason.

CBD Oil’s Benefits to Athletes

Though many athletes use CBD oil, very few use it to acutely improve their athletic performance. CBD oil is usually derived from hemp plants rather than cannabis itself, and athletes typically use it to combat post-event inflammation and muscle fatigue. It has been shown to reduce inflammation significantly, which boosts recovery post-game or post-event.

Though WADA once believed that the use of CBD oil gave athletes an unfair advantage and it was once lumped in with the use of marijuana, which remains on the Prohibited List, recent studies have shown that athletes who use CBD oil receive the same level of benefit as those who take pharmaceutical-grade anti-inflammatory drugs. The difference is that CBD oil does not produce the same side effects and it does not present the same risks.

With the removal of CBD oil from WADA’s Prohibited List, all athletes have access to a product that can help to reduce their inflammation, alleviate pain caused by inflammation, and improve their overall recovery. This is great news for those who currently use pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs, but who would prefer a more natural product with fewer side effects.

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